Japan 2013- Itinerary

As a summary of our trip in 2013 here is our day to day summary Day 1: Tokyo- Land at 9:30am Narita airport- head to Jimbo-cho to check in and then visit Ueno park, explore Jimbo-cho in the evening Day 2: Tokyo- Asakusa Senso-ji temple, Skytree, Yasukuni shrine in the evening Day 3: Tokyo- Ghibli … Continue reading Japan 2013- Itinerary


Japan 2013: Day 4 – Tokyo

Although the heat is at times unbearable I do love the Japanese summer. My previous trip in June was less warm, but I really missed the sound of the cicada, it really is the sound of Japan to me. Today, rather than nature or history, our first stop was modern Japanese youth culture with a … Continue reading Japan 2013: Day 4 – Tokyo