Japan 2023 Winter Day 1: Planes & snow

Our flight should have got to Japan at 6am but Saturday flights from London to Tokyo now only leave in the late afternoon, meaning we lost a whole day in Japan. Our flight from Heathrow left at 17:45 and we didn't reach Haneda until 15:30 the next day. The new flight route had added 3.5 … Continue reading Japan 2023 Winter Day 1: Planes & snow


When is the best time to see Mount Fuji?

After two more years of data collection have the statistics changed?

My Nihon

Mount Fuji is notoriously shy, even if you plan your visit to the area you may never see Mount Fuji – this was my experience on my first three visits to Japan! I decided to work out how likely you actually are to see Mount Fuji by collecting daily data for the past three years.

How many days is Mount Fuji visible?

Out of the 1,095 days recorded, Mount Fuji was only visible for 621 days, around 56% of the time. This varies vastly from month to month, the best months of the year are December and February, with July and September having the fewest days of visibility.

The worst month for visibility coincides with the rainy season, usually in late May to June, and typhoon season which in around September. During summer months warm air will hit the cold peak of Fuji, producing clouds, making visibility poorer.

The time…

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Japan 2010: Day 8 Kyoto- Kinkakuji and Gion

Our trip on the shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto began with a sighting of some sumo wrestlers! Dressed is airy summer yukata they waited for a train on the other side of our platform! As always when travelling between Tokyo and Kyoto make sure to sit in seats D & E to try and get … Continue reading Japan 2010: Day 8 Kyoto- Kinkakuji and Gion

Climb Mount Mitsutoge for perfect views of Mount Fuji

Many people visiting Japan want to see the elusive and beautiful Mount Fuji. Climbing Mount Fuji is popular with guests from across the world, but you don't get to experience the true beauty of Mount Fuji from up close. Often the best views of Fuji can be seen from off of the mountain itself, and … Continue reading Climb Mount Mitsutoge for perfect views of Mount Fuji

Tenku no torii; Mount Fuji and the torii in the sky

History of Asama Jinja Mount Fuji has been worshipped in Japan for hundreds of years, initially by the Ainu, then Shinto, and finally Buddhism. Fuji is worshipped as a Goddess, giving fertile soils and clear water. To keep her happy eight Shinto shrines were erected around the base of Mount Fuji, with numerous smaller shrines … Continue reading Tenku no torii; Mount Fuji and the torii in the sky

Autumn in Japan – my favourites

After 23 days in Japan, driving over 2,700km by car, and travelling 1,420km by shinkansen we had visited 9 prefectures. I have written about each day we were in Japan here, so if you want to get the whole story you can! I thought it would be good to write about my favourite spot in … Continue reading Autumn in Japan – my favourites

Japan 2019 Day 23: Flying home from Haneda

We were up for dawn at Hotel JAL City Haneda Tokyo West Wing (The West Wing bit is important as there are two separate JAL City hotels on the same road). There was an all you can eat breakfast, but first we wanted to take a walk around the neighbour hood and hit up an … Continue reading Japan 2019 Day 23: Flying home from Haneda