The Japan Rail Pass – what, why, and how?

What is the JR Pass? The Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) is the holy grail for overseas travelers, making travelling across Japan seamless and affordable. The JR Pass is a prepaid booklet exclusively for foreign tourists. They allow unlimited* travel on JR trains within the region of the pass, for a set number of days. … Continue reading The Japan Rail Pass – what, why, and how?

Chureito Pagoda: Japan in one shot

This image is probably one of the most famous and well known images of Japan, sakura flowers, Mount Fuji and a vermillion structure all in one place! What is the Chureito Pagoda? Chureito pagoda is part of Arakura Sengen shrine, sitting on the side of Mount Arakurayama. It was built as a peace memorial in … Continue reading Chureito Pagoda: Japan in one shot

The sacred pools: Oshino Hakkai

The area around Mount Fuji holds many natural phenomenon due to the past eruptions of Mount Fuji carving out the landscape, changing the biggest lake in the world into the five lakes of Fuji. Oshino Hakkai was created thanks to the same eruption which split the great lake. What remained were eight pools filled with … Continue reading The sacred pools: Oshino Hakkai

Japan 2010: Day 7; Fuji & Hakone

Our first foray outside of Japan was a prebooked tour to Mount Fuji and Hakone national park. We picked a tour with an overnight stay and a shinkansen return ticket. The tour was leaving from Hamamatsucho bus station, a place which, apparently nobody has any clue where it is. Hopelessly lost and almost late we … Continue reading Japan 2010: Day 7; Fuji & Hakone

Shiraito Falls- the widest waterfall in Japan

In the Fuji Five lakes region of Japan, in Shizuoka prefecture there is another aspect of the World Heritage list, the waterfall Shiraito. Part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu national park Shiraito falls is situated to the west of Mount Fuji, about a 1 hour drive from Kawaguchiko, or it can be accessed by bus, although this … Continue reading Shiraito Falls- the widest waterfall in Japan

Exploring Japan after dark

In most countries great tourist attractions or areas of great beauty close at 5pm, tourism is over for the night and everything is barred shut, this is especially true in the UK where I live. So with this mentality I traveled to Japan, visiting the tourist destinations during the day and used the evenings for … Continue reading Exploring Japan after dark

Fujigoko: Mount Fuji’s Five Lakes

Mount Fuji is one of the most recognisable icons of Japan and over the centuries has influenced Japan's art, culture and religion. Listed as one of Japans world heritage sites, Mount Fuji is one of Japans holiest mountains, visited by hundreds of thousands of people each year. Not only is Mount Fuji so famous but … Continue reading Fujigoko: Mount Fuji’s Five Lakes

The most disappointing “waterfall” in all of Japan

Japan is well known for its mountains, streams and general amazing nature so you would expect to find great sights around every corner. In April of this year we climbed Mount Takao (climbed may be a bit of an exaggeration) to try and see the elusive Mount Fuji and maybe find a tengu! ¬†Mount Takao … Continue reading The most disappointing “waterfall” in all of Japan