Kawaguchiko Asama shrine & torii; the new must see view of Mount Fuji

History of Asama Jinja Mount Fuji has been worshipped in Japan for hundreds of years, initially by the Ainu, then Shinto, and finally Buddhism. Fuji is worshipped as a Goddess, giving fertile soils and clear water. To keep her happy eight Shinto shrines were erected around the base of Mount Fuji, with numerous smaller shrines … Continue reading Kawaguchiko Asama shrine & torii; the new must see view of Mount Fuji

One day in Hiroshima

Known worldwide as the first city in human history to be targeted by an nuclear weapon, Hiroshima is much more than its past. Hiroshima city is the capital of Hiroshima prefecture and is the largest city in Western Chugoku with a population of over two million people. Hiroshima has a different feel than the other … Continue reading One day in Hiroshima

Yoyogi Park: Perfect for hanami

  Yoyogi park is located in Western Tokyo, nestled between the concrete and neon jungles of Shibuya and Shinjuku. With a surprising history, Yoyogi park is a great spot to visit any time of the year. Yoyogi park has a surprising history, being the first place in Japan that a powered aircraft took off, in … Continue reading Yoyogi Park: Perfect for hanami

Fushimi Inari Taisha: The never ending gates

When you think of Japan a few images may come to mind, towering sky scrapers, robot waiters, sushi, or the bright vermillion gates of shinto shrines. One place in Japan is especially famous for these gates in Fushimi Inari Taisha which is for the shinto shrine of Inari, goddess of the harvest, situated in Kyoto. … Continue reading Fushimi Inari Taisha: The never ending gates

The white heron castle of Himeji

You might not know the name but you probably recognise the image. Himeji castle is one of the top tourist destinations in Japan and the most visited castle in Japan! Himeji castle is often said to be the finest Japanese castle. Himeji castle was first constructed in 1333 and expanded over the years, even being … Continue reading The white heron castle of Himeji

The black crow castle of Matsumoto

Japan has a rich history of castle building, it is estimated that at one point there were 5,000 castles across Japan. The castles were originally built as fortifications for military defense along important routes or in strategic locations. These castles were traditionally made of a wooden frame with stone fortifications. Many Japanese castles were destroyed … Continue reading The black crow castle of Matsumoto