My first trip to Japan was in the summer of 2008.

Sadly due to the simultaneous failure of my laptop and external hard drive I lost most of the pictures that were taken on that trip.

It was a standard 1st time in Japan trip, mainly exploring Tokyo.

I attended Sweet Love Shower 2008, a music festival by Yamanakako over looking Mount Fuji. I went solely to see Maximum The Hormone, and they were amazing!

Maximum The Hormone, Sweet Love Shower 2008

We stayed in a traditional ryokan and had a view of the stage from our window!

Sweet Love Shower stage

It also happened to be the day that Mount Fuji’s climbing season was closing for the year, and so we got a free fireworks display!

We visited Kawaguchiko the next day, the first of five separate trips I have now taken there! Sadly there was no view of Mount Fuji 😦

I also travelled to Iwaki in Fukushima to try and catch another gig, but there were no tickets available 😦

I do remember that I barely spoke Japanese and Japan wasn’t as tourist friendly back then. It was still a great adventure, even if it was the hottest I had ever been!