Japan is opening!

After almost three long years of waiting the Japanese government has finally announced that tourists can once again enter Japan without expensive tours, or the hassle of booking through a travel agent from the 11th of October 2022. You may know that I had a re-booked trip scheduled in February 2022 which was originally booked from February 2021. That trip was re-re-booked once again for February 2023 and it finally looks like it is going ahead!

Our plan for our February 2023 trip is to experience three weeks of snow and mountains, including a week-long stay in Kawaguchi-ko to see Mount Fuji in all her snow-covered glory. We will be going to Hokkaido for the first time, exploring more of Tohoku before coming down to central Japan to see some of the top sights under blankets of snow and catch up with friends new and old. 12 prefectures, three weeks, and a whole lot of snow!

We also have a second trip in the works for 2023, a visit in August for our tenth wedding anniversary, with plans to finally summit Mount Fuji!

Let’s hope that nothing changes and prevents travel back to Japan, I know a lot of you have been watching and waiting. Now is finally the time!


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