When is the best time to see Mount Fuji?

After two more years of data collection have the statistics changed?

My Nihon

Mount Fuji is notoriously shy, even if you plan your visit to the area you may never see Mount Fuji – this was my experience on my first three visits to Japan! I decided to work out how likely you actually are to see Mount Fuji by collecting daily data for the past three years.

How many days is Mount Fuji visible?

Out of the 1,095 days recorded, Mount Fuji was only visible for 621 days, around 56% of the time. This varies vastly from month to month, the best months of the year are December and February, with July and September having the fewest days of visibility.

The worst month for visibility coincides with the rainy season, usually in late May to June, and typhoon season which in around September. During summer months warm air will hit the cold peak of Fuji, producing clouds, making visibility poorer.

The time…

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