Japan 2013- Itinerary

As a summary of our trip in 2013 here is our day to day summary Day 1: Tokyo- Land at 9:30am Narita airport- head to Jimbo-cho to check in and then visit Ueno park, explore Jimbo-cho in the evening Day 2: Tokyo- Asakusa Senso-ji temple, Skytree, Yasukuni shrine in the evening Day 3: Tokyo- Ghibli … Continue reading Japan 2013- Itinerary


Getting to see Mount Fuji: Accessing Kawaguchiko

Mount Fuji is one of the greatest and well known icons of Japan. Although close to Tokyo, Kawaguchiko isn't as easily accessible as other day trips might be, thanks to the mountains that ring the area. However it is possible to access the area through a number of different routes. Highway Bus The highway bus … Continue reading Getting to see Mount Fuji: Accessing Kawaguchiko