Accommodation: K’s House Mount Fuji View

You may think I have written two posts about the same place, luckily I’m not doing that, K’s house opened a second venue in Kawaguchi-ko which I stayed in for 3 nights in April of this year. So here is my review of K’s house new venue: Fuji view.



Compared to K’s house this location is further from the lake, for example to get to the other side of the Ohashi bridge it is about 2 miles. The station is only 10-15 minutes away and there are nearby supermarkets and conbini stores.



It is getting easier to get to Kawaugchi-ko, from Tokyo you can either take the highway bus, shinkansen to Odawara and then the local train, or can get here from Hachioji on the Chuo line and then the Fujikyu railway.


K’s House offers either hostel accommodation or private accommodation. The hostel consists of shared rooms with bunk beds and the use of shared bathrooms and showers. With the private rooms you can either have en-suite or not, all are Japanese style. These rooms can either be with a view of Mount Fuji, or not. Although everyone has access to the roof terrace.

duskRoom with a view!

Along with rooms you also have access to shared living spaces, dining rooms and a kitchen. The kitchen is very well set up so that multiple people can be cooking all at the same time, it is a great place to meet new people and a good way to experience a little bit of life in Japan.


The price here is one of the best things as rooms are really reasonable. Hostel rooms start at 2,500Y per night and private rooms from 2,500-3,500Y for no view and shared bathroom, or 4,400Y for two people no en-suite. The only en-suite room is for groups of 6-8 people sharing at 3,500Y each.


Again the staff here are amazing, so very helpful and always welcoming. All the staff can speak English and so I was lazy here and didn’t stress myself using Japanese!


Another great place to stay, having a view of Mount Fuji was great to check the weather before heading out, and to view a lazy sunset. The location is slightly more out of the way but we had a car so it didn’t make too much different. 5/5


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