Japan 2010: Day 5; Ghibli Museum

For those of you that became interested in Japan thanks to the visually, and emotionally, stunning Ghibli/Miyazaki films that going to the Ghibli museum is a must-do! Please remember to book your tickets before you leave your home country, and in advance to. There is no photography allowed in the building, and I don’t want to spoil it either, but it is exactly as you would expect if designed by the minds that bought us Howl, Laputa and Totoro!


To make up for the lack of content I will attach some of my favourite shots from this trip, Japans English PSA posters… they are amazing! Most of them are either about being polite on trains (very important in Japan) or being polite while smoking… which, especially back in 2010, many people did.1567

In 2010 these could be found absolutely everywhere in Tokyo and they so make me chuckle. Remember your manners in Tokyo! If you are going to Tokyo/Japan for the first time and are a smoker, although smoking is still generally accepted (smoking in restaurants etc.) whilst outside you shouldn’t just smoke on the street. There will be smoking areas (ashtray with signs) dotted around, please only smoke there to reduce litter and second hand smoke too.


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