Japan 2010: Day 4; Yoyogi Park & Meiji Jingu

Looking back through these old memories it seems like our plan was just to do a tour of Tokyo’s park! As the day after exploring Ueno park we headed to Yoyogi park, next to the famous Meiji Jingu. Now, exploring Tokyo’s parks is actually a great way to experience Tokyo, as they all have a different feel. Yoyogi is known for being a place to go and be yourself, to practice whatever art, music or dance you want, without fear of reproach. At the weekends Yoyogi is buzzing.

One group that would be there each week without fail were those enamored with 1950’s American swing dancing. Leather jackets, slicked back hair and petticoat dresses, all things you may not associate with Japan. Sadly, from what I’ve heard, this group are seen less and less in Yoyogi, so I’m happy I got a chance to see them. One thing I got to try while visiting was rope walking, it was such fun. Even though we didn’t speak much Japanese we found Yoyogi to be very welcoming. Next stop was Meiji Jingu, the shrine dedicated to Emperor Meiji, or the (you’ll guess it) Meiji restoration. 6

At Meiji Jingu you can catch a different, more traditional, aspect of Japanese culture the shinto wedding ceremony. If you go at a weekend there will be a conveyer belt of happy couples in all their finery.


It seemed like we really picked up the pace this day, because after Yoyogi and Meiji we headed to nearby Shibuya to experience the famous Shibuya scramble.


We’d obviously pushed ourselves too much because for dinner we simply got conbini food, my travelling friend picked up some oden, a real treat!


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