Japan 2010: Day 2; Asakusa in the rain

So we awoke in our tiny “double” bed in Asakusa feeling fresh thanks to a good nights sleep after 40 hours of travelling. We decided that we wanted to explore the area around our hotel a little, we had both been to Japan before, separately, but Asakusa Senso-ji is always a good place to start any trip to Japan. Sadly we arrived to find that the main hall was under renovation. Unlike construction back in the UK, they actually think about the impact, and had designed a stunning replica of the ceiling painting to cover the scaffolding.


Although many people would be familiar with the main hall of Senso-ji there are actually a number of other things to see in the area, several Buddhist altars, a shinto shrine, a shrine dedicated to tanuki (think half racoon half dog but cuter) and a pond and garden.


After dark we returned to Senso-ji to have a bit of a less crowded experience, although, as often happens in the rainy season, rain started.


After spending a few holidays in Wales, back in the UK, the rain never stops me from exploring, and Japan can look really beautiful with the sheen of rain on the floor.


I always recommend going back to Nakamise at night, not only is it less crowded, but you get to see the beautifully designed and painted screens which protect the stores through the night.nigiht


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