Japan 2013: Day 9- Ito & Kyoto

We woke up back in Tokyo after quite a crowded train ride home, today we were leaving Tokyo again to head to Kyoto. As we had such a great time staying with K’s house in Fuji we had decided to double book ourselves for the next night, having a room booked in both Ito and Kyoto K’s house. Now this might sound odd (it is) but the reason we booked in Ito is because K’s house is set in a 100 year old traditional onsen building! As I have tattoos onsen are tricky, but here there were private onsen, and we decided to stop by on our way to Kyoto.


The place was amazing, a beautiful old building in a quite little town near the coast on the Izu peninsular.


Sadly, when we arrived, our room wasn’t ready yet, however we were able to use the private onsen. I really enjoy onsen, and although this one was quite small it was nice to be able to experience this as a couple, rather than going into gendered baths. After a hot soak we got into our room, and it was beautiful. We had a river view, a private balcony and plenty of space and seating… it was a real shame we weren’t staying. 3.png


It was a really brief stop, just to get the experience, but if we had had an extra day we surely would have stayed a little longer to enjoy the area, and the onsen, more.


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