Trip number 4: April 2017

Finally, after a waiting a year for our 2016 trip and then having to cancel and then re-book, we got back to Japan!

We flew with SAS (and won’t be again) with a stop in Copenhagen airport. After around 19 hours of travelling we landed in Narita airport, Chiba prefecture. Here we went through customs painlessly and went downstairs to collect our JR passes and pocket wifi. I have never seen a queue so enormous for collecting a JR pass before, the office downstairs was packed and it was only 10am! After some queing, and me abandoning my husband to go and get our wifi from the post office,  we decided to collect our pass in Ueno, rather than wait with all our baggage here.

As we had spent so long in lines we decided to get to Ueno, and our hotel, the fastest way possible, taking the Keisei Sky liner.


One trip to the vending machines later we are equip with melon soda (my number one favourite beverage ever) we got onboard.

We had arrived!








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