Japan 2013: Day 7 – Kawaguchi-ko

On day 7 we left Tokyo for our first night staying elsewhere, on the shores of Lake Kawaguchi. We took the train route (although as you can see here the bus is quite convenient too). I personally prefer the train, especially once on the Fujikyu railway. After 6 days of the sleek efficiency of the Tokyo metro lines and quaint old timey feel of the Fujikyu line is a refreshing change. I also find the views from the train much nicer than the view from the highway- although convenience is always a selling point and we will be utilising the highway for this reason on our upcoming trip.

Hint #6 Organising your own trip to see Mount Fuji is both cheaper and more rewarding (and it is easy too!)

We were staying one night in the Kawaguchi-ko area, at K’s house backbackers hostel. Now, the word hostel might put you off but K’s house is nothing like hostels in the rest of Asia/Europe. We stayed in a Japanese style private en-suite room for £30! For our first day we got off the train, checked in and headed out to explore. First stop was the renown Chureito Pagoda. See here for how to get there.


Sadly, as I have noted before, Mount Fuji is shy, and today was no exception. Wearing her favourite cloud hat Mount Fuji was maddeningly absent. The views from the pagoda are still stunning and I would still recommended going up, the 400 steps are still worth it. It seems that the clouds are always just about to go, but then more will come around the corner or over the horizon to block her again. I’d recommend going before 9am or in the evenings for more change of a view.

After the pagoda we headed back to Lake Kawaguchi and up the Kachi Kachi ropeway.


Again, of course, Mount Fuji was hidden. The views of the lake and surrounding mountains is still well worth it.


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