Japan 2019 Day 4: Aomori road trip part 2

After a freezing and almost completely sleepless night courtesy of Towadako Hostel we headed out to the lake side for sunrise. Our first stop after parking up was Towadako shrine, which is accessed by a short hike through the forest (beware of bears!). The shrine was really beautiful, nothing but trees surrounding the shrine buildings. … Continue reading Japan 2019 Day 4: Aomori road trip part 2

Japan 2019 Day 3: Exploring Aomori by car

Another early start (a theme on this trip again) saw us back on the Tohoku shinkansen heading from Sendai up to Shin-Aomori station in Aomori prefecture, the most northern prefecture in Honshu. As soon as we got off the shinkansen at Shin-Aomori station we walked across the road and picked up our first rental car … Continue reading Japan 2019 Day 3: Exploring Aomori by car

Japan 2019 Day 2: Yamadera & Matsushima

Our second day in Japan saw us waking up early to catch the 7am train to Yamadera in the neighbouring prefecture of Yamagata. The train takes about an hour from Sendai to Yamadera and goes through numerous small villages, and beneath the Japanese alps which reach north to south across the centre of Tohoku. The … Continue reading Japan 2019 Day 2: Yamadera & Matsushima

Things to do in Kawaguchi-ko

My Nihon

Kawaguchi-ko is the most developed and popular of all the Fuji Five Lakes (and arguably has the best views too). Kawaguchi-ko also sees the most tourists of all the Five Lakes thanks to having the easiest access from Tokyo (see Getting there ) and the most accomodation. That being said many people after planning a trip to the area do ask the question “What can I do here?”. Here is my list of the top things to do in Kawaguchi-ko without travelling anywhere!

Kachi Kachi Ropeway


The Kachi Kachi Ropeway has been entertaining visitors for many years. Based on the eastern shore of Lake Kawaguchi-ko the ropeway is only around a 30 minute walk from Kawaguchi-ko station (or accessible via the bus leaving from the station). Here you take a cablecar 1,075m up Mt Tenjo. The cablecar runs every 5 to 10 minutes from 9 – 5 daily (some seasonal…

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One day in Hiroshima

Known worldwide as the first city in human history to be targeted by an nuclear weapon, Hiroshima is much more than its past. Hiroshima city is the capital of Hiroshima prefecture and is the largest city in Western Chugoku with a population of over two million people. Hiroshima has a different feel than the other … Continue reading One day in Hiroshima