Top 5 cherry blossoms spots in Japan

Sakura season is already ramping up in Japan with big brands such as Starbucks and Asahi having released their sakura themed products for this spring. Although the cherry blossom front hasn't started yet, here are my top 5 places to view the cherry blossom this spring! 5. Nakameguro , Tokyo Nakameguro is usually just visited … Continue reading Top 5 cherry blossoms spots in Japan

Chureito Pagoda: Japan in one shot

This image is probably one of the most famous and well known images of Japan, sakura flowers, Mount Fuji and a vermillion structure all in one place! What is the Chureito Pagoda? Chureito pagoda is part of Arakura Sengen shrine, sitting on the side of Mount Arakurayama. It was built as a peace memorial in … Continue reading Chureito Pagoda: Japan in one shot

Chasing the cherry blossom: Getting the most out of sakura season in Japan!

It is almost that time again!

My Nihon

Japan has an amazingly deferential relationship with nature, protecting the stunning environment that the islands of Japan home. One of the most intrinsically tied aspects of Japanese culture and nature is the cherry blossom phenomenon. If you have spent any time reading about, studying or visiting in Japan you will have seen the numerous references to the sakura season, one of the busiest and most beautiful parts of Japans nature worship.

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Sakura blossoms

If you are planning to travel to Japan it can seem overwhelming as to how to ensure you will be able to catch the 5-7 days when the blossoms are in full bloom, in all their glory. The way that the cherry blossom arrives in Japan is a sweeping front, starting in Kyushu in late March and ending in Hokkaido in late May. It is such an eagerly awaited part of the year that news channels and…

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The sacred pools: Oshino Hakkai

The area around Mount Fuji holds many natural phenomenon due to the past eruptions of Mount Fuji carving out the landscape, changing the biggest lake in the world into the five lakes of Fuji. Oshino Hakkai was created thanks to the same eruption which split the great lake. What remained were eight pools filled with … Continue reading The sacred pools: Oshino Hakkai

Japan 2010: Day 7; Fuji & Hakone

Our first foray outside of Japan was a prebooked tour to Mount Fuji and Hakone national park. We picked a tour with an overnight stay and a shinkansen return ticket. The tour was leaving from Hamamatsucho bus station, a place which, apparently nobody has any clue where it is. Hopelessly lost and almost late we … Continue reading Japan 2010: Day 7; Fuji & Hakone

Japan 2013: Day 11; white water rafting in Gunma

With our last day of the JR pass we headed up into the mountainous area of Minakami, in Gunma prefecture  It was nice to get out of the city again and see some more of the stunning natural beauty of Japan. We had booked to do a half day white water rafting tour through Canyons. We … Continue reading Japan 2013: Day 11; white water rafting in Gunma

Japan 2010: Day 6; Ghibli Museum

For those of you that became interested in Japan thanks to the visually, and emotionally, stunning Ghibli/Miyazaki films that going to the Ghibli museum is a must-do! Please remember to book your tickets before you leave your home country, and in advance to. There is no photography allowed in the building, and I don't want … Continue reading Japan 2010: Day 6; Ghibli Museum