My upcoming trip

My husband and I are taken our second joint trip to Japan, we had both previously been to Japan separately so it is nice to be going back to Japan with the same person. This trip was all booked and paid for for spring 2016, due to work commitments I was no longer able to go and plans had to be scrapped. Although heart breaking this meant I have had an additional year to plan this trip- a lot of time has been spent japlanning – and I feel I’ve made a better itinerary for this trip.

All of my previous trips have been with different people, meaning a lot of ground was re-covered (not that I minded) to show people some of the best tourist spots. This time that isn’t necessary and the focus of the trip is going to be about seeing all sides of Japan, and spending more time in nature.

Here is a brief overview of the trip (so far);

05/04: Fly from Heathrow

06/04: Land Narita airport, travel to hotel in Inaricho for 3N and explore

07/04: Early morning trip to Ueno-park to see remaining blossom . Shopping . MariCar in the evening

08/04: Start 7 day JR Pass .  Travel to Hakone/Fukushima

09/04: Shinkansen to Kyoto for 5N. Hike Inari Taisha . Eat Sukiyaki

10/04: Travel to Nakatsugawa – walk to Magome

11/04: Shinkansen to Himeiji then Hiroshima – A bomb dome and museum

12/04: Miyajima island . Hike Mt Misen . Sunset torii photography . Travel back to Kyoto

13/04: Travel to Nara and hike the 48 waterfall trail

14/04: Travel to Hachioji for 1N . Shinjuku Park to late blooming cherry

15/04: Travel to Kawaguchi 8N – 1/2 day K’s house tour

16/04-21/04: Exploring . Hike Mt Mitsutoge . Hike from Sengen shrine to Sato Goya on Mt Fuji . Hire car for 3 days and explore the 5 lake area .

22/04: Final day in Kawaguchi-ko . Travel to Narita for 1N . Explore local area

23/04: Fly back to Heathrow

The main aim of this trip to Japan is to do things a lot slower than most trips to Japan. With the knowledge that I will be returning to Japan frequently over the years I can now slow down the pace and enjoy the countryside and nature of Japan.

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